Custom Bondy Blades

I have been testing these blades for the past 2 years and have a ton of confidence in them.  These blades have been dipped in KBS Diamond Cote, which makes them extremely durable, even in the rockiest areas.    I have been using several of them for over a year in the Detroit River and they still look new.    Try that with most other painted blades and they will end up beat to death.

I have also tested many types and sizes of hooks and finally settled on #6 VMC split shank hooks.    They allow the hook to be attached without a split ring, which virtually eliminates tangles.   When I first tested them with normal hooks and split rings, they would get tangled on themselves or the line in a matter of seconds,  like most other blade-baits I have tried.    However, after using these hooks, I rarely have that issue.   

Lift them up quickly to get them to vibrate, drop them slowly on a tight line and wait for that thump from a walleye!